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ABC Water Softeners is a complete website that features low prices for the top brand name water treatment equipment components on the market today. Everything we make is truly "Top Shelf". This site is put together for the buyer who has done their homework and is ready to get low prices that are absolutely amazing. Everything we sell is made from scratch for exactly the type of water you have from American made suppliers and manufacturers. No matter what type of water problem or issues you may heave, we have the correct and quality solution. You won’t find gimmicks and slick marketing tactics here. Only proven professional and ethical methods.

We have a lot of information here about how to correct any water filtering or softening issues you may have. If you have an issue not covered on this website just give us a quick call or send us an email. We can answer all of your questions without any pressure or hassle, and we will never send a salesperson to come into your home.

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We Keep It Simple

We keep it simple so we can provide you the best equipment at the best prices with the most honest warranties on the market. We offer water softeners, water conditioners, water treatment systems, iron filters, and drinking water filter equipment for both city water (Municipal) and well water supply systems for the home.

We Sell Only The Best Water Softeners!

Our water softeners and water filter equipment electronic control valves are made by Fleck Corporation. The control valve is the brain and most important part of any water softener, self cleaning water filter or private well water filter such as iron, manganese and sulfur filters; as well as pH correcting filters such as backwashing acid neutralizers. The number one selling control valves in America and the world are Fleck Brand American made controllers. We sell only the best of everything. Period!

We hope you enjoy your visit today. Once you have bought an item, you will be provided with a phone number for technical support issues. We replace all brands including Culligan®,RainSoft®, Sears©, General Ionics©, Rayne®, Water Resources International, Cuno® and all other brand of water softeners, water conditioners, water filters, water treatment systems, iron filters and drinking water systems with an equal or superior equipment option.